Chinese Tea Organic Premium Pine Needle Green Tea

Product DescriptionTea Name: Chinese Tea Organic Quality Pine Needle Green TeaTea Type: Green TeaOrigin: Hunan, ChinaMaterial: Fresh Tea LeafHarvest Time: Early ApriStorage Method: RefrigeratingPackage: Bag or Gift boxAppearance: Tight and slenderTaste: Chestunt flavourGreen Tea:

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Product Description

Tea Name: Chinese Tea Organic Quality Pine Needle Green Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Origin: Hunan, China

Material: Fresh Tea Leaf

Harvest Time: Early Apri

Storage Method: Refrigerating

Package: Bag or Gift box

Appearance: Tight and slender

Taste: Chestunt flavour

Green Tea:

Green tea is the oldest type of tea in China. It is also the tea with the largest output in China. Green tea leaves
have not been they largely retain the original flavor of tea, which is simple, elegant and lasting.


1. Stabilize blood pressure
Keeping human blood pressure in a normal and stable state is the most important function of pine needle green tea, because pine needle green tea has a two-way regulating effect on human blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure after drinking it, while people with low blood pressure can drink pine needle green tea. Let blood pressure rise slowly.

2. Soften blood vessels
Pine needle green tea has a certain protective effect on the human cardiovascular system, because its antioxidant components can increase the toughness and elasticity of blood vessels after being absorbed by the body, and can increase the permeability of capillaries, can promote blood circulation in the human body, and can prevent Atherosclerosis occurs, and often using it to soak in water can stabilize blood lipids and improve human heart function.

3. Enhance immunity
People drink more pine needles, green tea can enhance the body's immunity, because this tea is rich in vitamin c, vitamin e and some flavonoids, people can absorb and absorb the rich nutrients it contains as soon as possible after soaking in water and drinking it. Using it, it can enhance the antioxidant capacity of human tissue cells and promote the regeneration of human immune cells, which can significantly improve the body's own immune function.

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Chinese Tea Organic Quality Pine Needle Green Tea

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Founded in 2008, the Shine Wing Tea company's mission is to share our passion and love of the finest Chinese Tea with the rest of the world.
Shine Wing Tea company is based Changsha, Hunan, and with jointed tea factory in Fujian and Hunan province. The company is dealing with more than 400 varieties of special and high quality tea and related products. The annual exporting of teas reaches about 3000tons.

In order to provide our customers with more stable quality teas, we have built up the whole quality control system to supervise the quality from material to the finished products by our professional tea taster team.

Adhere to the principle of "taking customer satisfying as the core, market as the orientation, dedicating to tea Industry, supplying consumers with healthy and natural products", we will continue to present considerate service, research, develop and serving the most reliable tea.


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