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Who doesn't like to start a day with a delicious cup of coffee or tea? As many as 63% of American adults drink coffee every day, and tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. However, many types of tea and coffee are treated with pesticides or grown by overworked and underpaid workers. Do you know how sustainable your morning brew is?

Whether you drink tea, coffee or yerba mate, your choice to buy only sustainable brands will have a significant impact on the environment. Start the day with delicious and sustainable beverages that will make you feel good while drinking.

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About 95% of Rishi Tea & Botanicals' products are organic products certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. Its tea comes in loose leaves or biodegradable bags. Rishi Tea supports supply chain transparency and direct trade. Its buyers can take a walk in the fields, taste and verify where and how organic tea is grown.

Rishi Tea Matcha Super Green Herbal Tea is a combination of vibrant fresh matcha and deep sweet sencha. This product is an organic and non-GMO product of the United States Department of Agriculture. We prefer the small tea bags in this product-it is easier to handle and the bags can be composted after you are done. This super green herbal tea is the product of sustainable commercial practices and is a great choice to start your day with a refreshing and healthy life.

Yogi is a certified B company that produces tea that "supports the body and mind". The company promotes quality, sustainability and social responsibility by using organic and non-GMO ingredients and following sustainable manufacturing practices. It also supports its grower communities; the company has 1,200 and 2,000 residents in its tea plantations in Honduras and India, respectively.

Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea is a certified organic non-GMO product that combines the flavors of lemongrass and mint with the flavors of fennel and licorice to create a sweet and refreshing herbal blend. It also has medicinal properties to support your immune system and respiratory system health. The tea is caffeine-free, vegetarian and gluten-free, and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Peet's purchases high-quality coffee by systematically evaluating all coffee purchases according to sustainability criteria. The company focuses on reducing its environmental impact throughout the production and delivery process, adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and reducing its energy footprint by 40%. Peet's recycled 75% of its waste and implemented efficient irrigation to reduce water use in its supply chain.

Peet's Coffee Espresso Capsules Nerissimo is a pack of 10 delicious, bittersweet espresso capsules that will refresh your day. In order to reduce the environmental impact of capsules, Peet's offers a return-to-mail capsule recycling program. Simply request a recycling kit from your local Peet's Coffee shop or order online.

Teatulia Organic Teas promises customers accountability, purity and transparency in its single garden direct sustainable tea. The company adopts sustainable agricultural practices that do not harm the environment, and uses social practices to enhance the capacity of farmers who grow tea. Teatulia implements direct trade-tea is picked from the garden and delivered to consumers without the involvement of a third party.

Teatulia Organic Black Tea is a balanced black tea with a hint of cherry aroma and sweetness. The tea is 100% organic and comes directly from the Tetulia Garden in Bangladesh. The compostable pyramid-shaped tea bags provide more space for the leaves to soak, allowing you to get more flavor. Each bag can be brewed two to three times. In this large package of 50 bags, you can get 14 different flavors of tea, so please choose the tea that suits your taste.

The ancient Bigelow brand that most people are familiar with is a leader in responsible sourcing of organic, fair trade, non-GMO tea. The company uses renewable solar energy to meet 100% of its energy needs, thereby reducing its energy footprint. 100% of Bigelow's boxes are recyclable; Bigelow composts more than 80 tons of packaging waste each year.

If you haven't tried Bigelow recently, we recommend Bigelow Steep Café Organic Oolong Tea. The tea is smooth, with toasted nuts and subtle smoky flavors. This pack of 50 tea bags is organic, kosher and GMO-free, and can help you start your day in a healthy, fresh and sustainable way.

Numi offers fair trade certified organic teas harvested according to sustainable practices. Its growers follow environmentally friendly practices, including water saving, energy saving, and tree planting to help offset the carbon produced in the production process. Numi uses compostable plant-based tea wrappers to reduce reliance on petroleum packaging.

Numi Jasmine Green includes 18 bags of premium green tea with the fragrance of organic jasmine. It is certified by fair trade and organic, allowing you to experience the love of herbal tea without being guilty of the environment.

T Project in Portland, Oregon uses organic tea, spices, herbs, and flowers to create unique tea blends. They follow the single garden choice to enhance accountability and supply chain transparency. T Project purchases its boxes and bags locally; its boxes are customized with 80% post-consumer recycled paper, and its bags are locally sourced and biodegradable-you can compost them at home.

T Project Wuyiyan Oolong Xuxiang is made from high-quality organically grown Oolong tea. This dark oolong tea has a complex earthy black tone and a sweet aroma, making it an exciting and sustainable cup of tea at any time of the day.

Arbor Teas uses organic and biodynamic farming practices. It purchases certified organic teas and herbs to help reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Arbor Teas also follows fair trade and sustainable transportation, facilities and packaging practices. The company's packaging is made of renewable cellulose materials and can be composted in the backyard.

Arbor Tea Organic Ancient Green Tuo Tea Pu Shidai Tea is a dark green organic tea with excellent taste, produced by traditional Qing technology. Each individually wrapped block can make a medium-sized pot of tea, or you can break it down into a cup. This unique tea has a flavor and aroma reminiscent of dried malt grains, vegetables and sweet plums, and offers many potential health benefits.

Pukka is a certified B company dedicated to sourcing the best organic, practitioner-grade herbs, and strives to have a positive impact on the lives of farmers and growers around the world. The company's sustainable value chain involves natural and low-carbon agriculture and harvesting practices. All Pukka packaging uses materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Numerous studies around the world have confirmed the medical benefits of turmeric. Pukka Turmeric Glow contains whole leaf green tea, as well as organic turmeric, cardamom and lemon fruit. All ingredients used in this product comply with ethical standards and are 100% organically grown.

Brewed from the natural caffeinated leaves of the holly tree native to South America, Yerba Mate is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Guayaki's Yerba Mate tea leaves are harvested by hand in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The company follows four pillars of sustainability: being responsible for the environmental footprint of the product; celebrating the community and culture; collaborating with values; and practicing conscious leadership.

Each packet of Guayaki traditional yerba mate tea includes 75 bags of natural caffeine-rich and nutritious yerba mate tea leaves. The product has passed Amazon's Compact by Design certification, which ensures that the product uses the least packaging, reduces air pollution, and minimizes the amount of water used in the manufacturing process.

Agricultural and planting practices that use inorganic materials and lack transparency can harm the environment in many ways. Choose from these brands that use certified organic ingredients and sustainable agricultural practices, and you can start your day with healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly tea or coffee.

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